The Isle (Digital)



Firstly, thank you for looking at and possibly considering the purchase of our game. Despite the fact we aspire to create a fun game approachable by many, we feel the need to caution any potential users. Over time, the game will be updated to the point of intended hardcore functionality. As this happens, difficulty will gradually become more brutal and chances of survival become less likely. We, the developers, are actively going to design the future game islands and creatures to counteract known player tactics of survival. Only the hardcore and adaptable will be likely to survive the island unto completion of the global quest. The first to escape The Isle will be immortalized. If nothing else… die memorably.Key featuresThe Island: A vast landscape of dense jungle and open plains, hidden within are various ruins and expanses that hold insight as to what was here…Up to 100 players per server based on server hardware and bandwidth.Basic Dinosaur Simulation – Basic needs such a thirst and hunger are present. Stalk your prey and avoid your predators among the dense forests and swamps.6 Playable Dinosaurs – Choose between the Austroraptor, Carnotaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Gallimimus, Shantungosaurus, and Puertasaurus, with many more planned ahead.Dedicated Server Binaries with Steam integrationBasic Dinosaur AI


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